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The Story of Soap
Soap is created by the process of saponification, the reaction of an alkali (lye) coming into contact with fatty acids (oils). My soaps are made with a combination of olive, coconut, palm and/or soybean oils. Vegetable oil soaps are mild by nature, and are naturally moisturizing.

After the initial saponification process, essential oils or fragrances are added for aroma. In addition, other natural ingredients such as aloe vera, cocoa butter or sweet almond oil may be added to give the soap additional conditioning and skin softening qualities.

This mixture is poured into a mold, covered with blankets and allowed to cool slowly for 24hours. It is then cut into bars and set aside to cure. I cure my soaps for at least one full month, sometimes longer. Each bar is then individually wrapped and labeled by hand. These pleasingly fragrant soaps will freshen the air in your kitchen or bath while they cleanse and moisturize your skin.
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