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$7.00 each Individually wrapped

Almond & Oats - a very gentle, mildly scented soap. Full of Oatmeal to soften you skin and lightly scented with the essential oils of Sweet Almond and Cinnamon

Apple & Oats - Red apple fragrance and oatmeal make this gentle fruity soap. A fruity twist on my Almond and Oats soap. Lightly scented with cinnamon essential oil to remind you of apple warm apple pies baking in the oven.

Bay Rum - Men's favorite! An old scent brought back from the past. A spicy scented soap with lots of comfrey to soften your skin.

Black Licorice - if you like the smell of black licorice you'll love this soap. Scented with pure anise oil, it has a softly sweet scent as you bathe or shower. One of my favorites!

Cinnamon Soap - Warming and spicy. Makes a great shaving soap or hand soap. Not for people with sensitive skin.

Coconut & Chamomile NEW!- I just made this soap and it's already becoming one of my best sellers! The wonderful scent of coconut combines with an earthy Chamomile fragrance and some extra cocoa butter added at the end to make this soap even more moisturizing. This bar is a MUST TRY! I think you'll love it.

Daily Grind - ground espresso works as a deodorizer in this exfoliating hand soap. Use it in the kitchen to wash your hands after cutting onions, garlic or fish. . .it's a great odor eater.

Freesia - the fresh floral fragrance of spring in a bar of soap. This moisturizing bar of soap will remind you of the first flowers of spring.

Lavender & Cocoa Butter - a very creamy, lavender scented soap filled with lots of cocoa butter. One of my best sellers.

Lavender & Rosemary - lavender and rosemary scented soap with flecks of ground rosemary. Another favorite in my line of soaps.

Lemon Verbena - fresh, clean lemon scented soap. Very mild on your skin. Also among the top sellers of my soaps.

Mystic Meadow - softly sweet and earthy. As close to a sense of spirt as you'll find in a bar of soap.

Peppermint and Tea Tree- an invigorating peppermint bar...a great morning wake up soap.

Rose & Aloe - smells like rose petals, the added aloe vera will moisturize and soften your skin

Sandalwood & Vanilla - subtly scented with vanilla & sandalwood

Spicy Rose - your rose garden enlivined, a spicy rose fragrance

Wood 'n Oats - filled with patchouli & cedar, a very earthy scent. Men aren't big soap buyers but they keep coming back for this one!

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